Bike to the Event! Free valet for bike parking.

When you get there:

the venue

The Stage

On each date the stage will be set up to stay from 2pm – 9pm. Music starts up around 4pm, and all your most embarrassing dance moves are encouraged.

VIP Zone

After spending hours having fun with the kids and flexing your best dancefloor moves, eventually you’re going to want a second to relax. A cooling tent, beverage and comfortable seat can all be found here.

Bike Valet

Arriving via the Greenbelt? Excellent choice! We’ll have secure stands and hands on deck to take care of your bike until you’re ready to leave.

Beer Garden**

You like beer, and you know Payette. They’re as excited as we are to get out there and share in the good time. **UPDATE! The Beer Garden is no more! We have expanded the are to the entire pavilion! Happy sipping.

Tan Zone

We had quite the struggle deciding between “Music ON the Water” vs. “Music IN the Water” because with beaches like the ones at Esther Simplot, you’re going to want to dive in!    

Doggy Dance Zone**

**UPDATE! Due to recent events out of our control, pets will no longer be allowed in the park. We are sorry for this inconvenience.